Text writing & Storytelling

As a text writer, using storytelling, I wrote stories, handbooks, one-pagers for investors, social media content, captivating texts to share research results and a magazine on best practices.

“Really great work flows out of Inemarie’s hands, effortlessly. She is great with clients, great as a colleague, a leader and a do-er. Her writing is light, accessible and fresh. Her eye for detail and no-nonsense approach supported us to meet a difficult deadline without stress.” Lin McDevitt-Pugh (freelance-colleague) at LinkedIn


Year Client Summary
2018 Football for Water What? Text writing for Football for Water (partners incl. Aqua for all, Unicef, KNVB and Akvo).
2018 La League What? Developed and wrote a 140-pages handbook for girl’s football coaches with integrated life – and leadership skills to empower girl and prevent child marriage and teen pregnancy. – in collaboration with FRIS-editor Kristen Gehrman and Plan’s design studio.
2017- 2018 All about Africa News What? All about Africa shows the bigger picture of news stories. I did research, interviewed experts, wrote journalistic stories and selected and/or edited news stories.
2017 Magazine Gender Vrede en Veiligheid What? An interview and story about a Dutch soldier who has worked  in an IDP camp in South Sudan. The main topic was: How to prevent women from Gender Based Violence and support those affected?
2017 Onfluence What? A short blog on the crowdfund-platform Lendahand.
2015 – 2017 De Verhalenmakers What? Social start-up De Verhalenmakers is a free online platform for local stories that aims for a better understanding between writers and readers. I was responsible for the day-to-day management, the acquisition of organisations for paid assignments and communication, incl. community management on social media.
Results: Our online community consists of 8,000 readers and >100 writers who wrote >400 stories. In addition, we’ve developed tools to make writing simple and fun.
See my stories I regularly wrote and edited.
2016 Kinderpostzegels What? Edited and wrote the organisation’s programme documents 2016-2020 on Education, Family-centred care and Coping with Trauma.
2015 Rutgers, MFSII alliance What? Co-wrote 30 short captivating articles about E/M health, uptake of SRH services and youth participation based on operational researches.
Result: The articles and a dissemination plan.
2015 WO=MEN What? Co-developed a popular publication about Women, Peace and Security, using storytelling.
Result: A popular publication Sparks of change. Inspirational stories from men and women working on Women, Peace and Security 
2011 – ongoing svikaworks What? Blogs and published columns in media like Africa Works website, ISA website, OneWorld website, www.sportanddev.org, Vice Versa, de Volkskrant and WO=MEN website.
Result: Increased network and new assignments through publications and social media.
2014 ICS What? Co-developed 1-pagers for investors on social agri-businesses in Kenya and Tanzania and a 1-pager for ICS Africa.
Result: Enthusiastic feedback from staff.
2009/10 Haarlem-Mutare City Link What? Provided input for the website about our sports projects; wrote quarterly newsletters on sport & development; wrote and distributed press releases about our activities.
Result: Several press releases in local media; an interview with Zimbabwean guests in a specialist journal for Sports for Development; a series of columns from Dutch participants about their exchange in Malawi at OneWorld.nl; an interview about human rights in Zimbabwe; and an interview at radio 100%NL about a sponsor event.
Impact: The City Link has gained more publicity for its sports projects and has entered into several new partnerships.
2009 COS Noord-Holland What? Edited newsletter and co-developed the Noord-Hollandse Wereldatlas website; and cooperated with media partners in a campaign.
Result: A series at a local TV station (Regio22), a series of articles in the newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad, and a radio interview about the Millennium Development Goals-Award for private initiatives.
2009 -ongoing De Verhalenmakers svikaworks NHF Haarlem-Mutare NH Wereldatlas What? Website management: collecting and editing content for websites.
2006 Magazine: A dollar a day What? Article about my research thesis: ‘People are not dying from AIDS, but from poverty.’
2004/05 CIDIN WPF Reach Out What? Thesis: ‘People are not dying from aids, but from poverty’. The survival of young seropositive women in Kampala, Uganda. Result: Shared research results with WPF (currently Rutgers) and Reach Out.
Training / Expertise in Writing & Framing:

  • Multimedia Journalism (2017, Michigan State University at Coursera)
  • SEO course (2017, Evers Marketing Online)
  • Social Media Marketing (2016, Northwestern University at Coursera)
  • Citizen Journalism (Graduated with distinction, 2015, University of Melbourne at Coursera)
  • High-Impact Business Writing (Graduated with distinction, 2015, University of California at Coursera)
  • Blog: Over Frames, Beeldvorming en verhalen vertellen
  • Blog: No Single Story in de praktijk van PI
  • Participated in Voices of the South conference on imaging and media (Oxfam Novib and LokaalMondiaal, 2014).
  • Member IDLeaks (2013 – 2014).
  • Actively involved in Reframing and discussion on stereotyping as a core-group member of IDLeaks (2013).
  • Participated in PI-professional meetings about image-forming and Reframing (Wilde Ganzen; NCDO, Impulsis, Cordaid, 2013).