Making it happen!

“I love to develop projects, programmes or trajectories from scratch! Combining thinking and doing.” Let me help you to develop a new idea you have, by: Exploring the best pathway to social impact: i.e. Gathering user needs and exploring the best solutions to it; and Developing a Theory of Change that involves all expertise and information […]

Mijn vooroordelen over het Midden-Oosten

Ik wist niet eens dat ik vooroordelen had. Ik heb in zoveel landen gewerkt. Ik heb als halve antropoloog toch geleerd onbevooroordeeld te kijken? Een van de eerste dingen die ik dacht toen ik in oktober voor het eerst in Cairo aankwam is: ‘Het zijn ook gewoon mensen, die net als ik een zo goed […]

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Workshops & Training

I conduct workshops and training on Theory of Change, Storytelling and Gender Equality through Sports. Participants are often experts from ngos, entrepreneurs or youth. “Inemarie conducted a 2-hour workshop in which she showed what a Theory of Change is and how we can use it in practice. We walked out of the workshop-room with a […]

Trainen van Egyptische sportcoaches over meer dan gender awareness

Begin oktober was ik voor ISA in Cairo om vijf dagen training te geven aan jongens en meiden over het leren of verbeteren van sport coaching skills en bewustwording van genderongelijkheid. Wauw’ dacht ik, toen Sara vertelde dat dit de eerste keer was dat ze een sportactiviteit leidde, ‘dat heb je dan supergoed gedaan!’ En […]

Sport for Development starts with Leadership Skills Training

Can sport really contribute to development? I believe it does. And mainly in building leadership skills amongst youth, because it enables them to take control over their (professional) lives. That is what I’ve learned working 4 years for a Dutch – Zimbabwean sport for development programme. It starts with the love of sports Mutare Haarlem […]

Successful entrepreneurship in developing countries

A personal report on the mini-conference about women entrepreneurship in de development context last Friday. Who and under which circumstances can one start a successful business? And what makes a successful entrepreneur in the first place? When you make enough profit to employ staff that provides them with a living as well? To be able […]

Sports for Development

The best thing about Sports for Development is by means of engagement in something positive – the love of sports – you develop personal life skills. As a freelancer Sport Development, I teach life skills through games and team sports. Examples are: I know my boundaries, I feel strong, I set boundaries, I ask questions, […]