Dutch Government starts testing the effects it has on developing countries

Almost every country in the world (193 in total) agreed at the United Nations in 2015 on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the coming 12 years. These goals are about a healthy and liveable conditions for all of us, like access to education, health care and decent work in a clean, healthy and peaceful […]

Making it happen!

I love to develop projects from scratch! Combining thinking and doing. Let me help you to develop yours, by using Human Centred Design.   Human Centred Design In practice, Human Centred Design means going out on the streets to get to understand behaviours and needs of the people you design for. What’s more it means: […]

Co-developing projects or programmes

It all starts with an idea. As a freelancer on social impact I’ve developed projects and programmes for ngos, social businesses and partnerships. Generally, co-developing a sound, logical and impactful plan takes everyone’s expertise: the users’ needs and experiences and the expertise of your team, your partners and implementers. With everyone’s input I can develop […]

Sport for Development starts with Leadership Skills Training

Can sport really contribute to development? I believe it does. And mainly in building leadership skills amongst youth, because it enables them to take control over their (professional) lives. That is what I’ve learned working 4 years for a Dutch – Zimbabwean sport for development programme. It starts with the love of sports Mutare Haarlem […]

Migration & Development

Cooperation with diaspora organisations brings more quality in international- and multicultural issues, more creativity, more effectiveness and more public support, both in the Netherlands and in developing countries.

Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship means having a profitable business that reaches for social aims. To me that involves small entrepreneurship in developing countries also.

Sports for Development

The best thing about Sports for Development is by means of engagement in something positive – the love of sports – you develop personal life skills. As a freelancer Sport Development, I teach life skills through games and team sports. Examples are: I know my boundaries, I feel strong, I set boundaries, I ask questions, […]