Dear President Macron, it’s time to let go your outdated African policies!

For more than 50 years, the citizens of 14 francophone countries in Africa are using an outdated French monetary system. They pay the price of it with their democratic rights and wealth, leaving their own countries in poverty. Whereas France is still benefitting from a joint currency they introduced during colonial times. It’s about time […]

Cher président Macron, il est temps de renoncer à vos politiques Africaines dépassés !

Depuis plus de 50 ans, les citoyens de 14 pays de l’Afrique francophones utilisent un système monétaire français obsolète. Ils en paient le prix avec leurs droits démocratiques et leurs richesses, laissant leur propre pays dans la pauvreté. Alors que la France bénéficie toujours d’une monnaie commune qu’ils ont introduite pendant les temps coloniaux. Il […]

Why Africa isn’t as rich as Asia

Africa could have been rich as Asia is nowadays. Why it isn’t? Because of Africa’s elite and western politicians who were in power during the last decades. Big men have kept all Africa’s richness to themselves instead of investing it in education, health care and employment for their people. The future of their country. And […]

Who dares to invest in innovative development cooperation these days?

Nine out of 10 starting business fail, which isn’t always because the idea or business case didn’t work out well, I believe. So many starting businesses fail because starting-up is extremely difficult. And it is hard to see young innovative projects with great potential fail, because of a few opportunities these days in my field […]

Good news for poor people!

Everyone pessimistic on social change in countries where corruption is omnipresent: Banerjee & Duflo – the researchers of the book: Poor Economics – have some good advice for poor people who want to bring about change. In Blantyre I was travelling with my Malawian colleague when we almost ran into a road block, set-up by […]

What do poor people want?

Poor people make rational decisions on their lives and those of family members. Politicians that want to cut expenses on development aid, policy makers and those who implement projects should work having in mind those decisions and not just work according to their own beliefs. The most difficult part of development work is to think […]