Why Africa isn’t as rich as Asia

Africa could have been rich as Asia is nowadays. Why it isn’t? Because of Africa’s elite and western politicians who were in power during the last decades. Big men have kept all Africa’s richness to themselves instead of investing it in education, health care and employment for their people. The future of their country. And […]

Good development from Holland?!

What are good ways to combat worldwide inequality and injustice? Since my studies and in my work it is the main question that is always at the background. What is effective development cooperation? Am I working on projects and programmes that really make a difference and do not cause any collateral damage? Living in a […]

Who dares to invest in innovative development cooperation these days?

Nine out of 10 starting business fail, which isn’t always because the idea or business case didn’t work out well, I believe. So many starting businesses fail because starting-up is extremely difficult. And it is hard to see young innovative projects with great potential fail, because of a few opportunities these days in my field […]