How much money does France make in French-speaking Africa?

France secures access to markets in its 14 former colonies in Africa, to this date, 57 years after independence. Benefits are of commercial interest: access to resources and markets. Mechanisms to support this are a shared currency (the CFA-franc), military presence, secret diplomacy and marketing its language. But … change is on the rise. Lire en […]

A combien s’élèvent l’argent que la France génère en Afrique francophone?

A cette date, 57 ans après l’indépendance, la France sécurise l’accès aux marchés dans ses 14 anciennes colonies en Afrique. Les bénéfices sont de nature commercial: l’accès aux ressources et aux marchés. Les mécanismes pour appuyer cela sont une monnaie partagée (le franc CFA), la présence militaire, la diplomatie secrète et la commercialisation de sa […]

“The Africa we want”

“Ngos are losing their legitimacy. If it was the funeral of the ngo, Africans would attend without flowers and without speeches. They’d just attend to make sure it really died,” says Moses Isooba to a room full of ngo-workers at Partos Innovation Festival today. “We, Africans, want to determine the Africa we want! For our […]

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Dear President Macron, it’s time to let go your outdated African policies!

For more than 50 years, the citizens of 14 francophone countries in Africa are using an outdated French monetary system. They pay the price of it with their democratic rights and wealth, leaving their own countries in poverty. Whereas France is still benefitting from a joint currency they introduced during colonial times. It’s about time […]

Cher président Macron, il est temps de renoncer à vos politiques Africaines dépassés !

Depuis plus de 50 ans, les citoyens de 14 pays de l’Afrique francophones utilisent un système monétaire français obsolète. Ils en paient le prix avec leurs droits démocratiques et leurs richesses, laissant leur propre pays dans la pauvreté. Alors que la France bénéficie toujours d’une monnaie commune qu’ils ont introduite pendant les temps coloniaux. Il […]

Why Africa isn’t as rich as Asia

Africa could have been rich as Asia is nowadays. Why it isn’t? Because of Africa’s elite and western politicians who were in power during the last decades. Big men have kept all Africa’s richness to themselves instead of investing it in education, health care and employment for their people. The future of their country. And […]

ICT in Africa Works!

ICT brings tremendous opportunities – privately and in business – to Africa. RuralWeb helps out to master ICT to those who do not have access to this huge source of information. As an African, what is the use of a smart phone, when you only can choose from applications that show you restaurants in Ney […]