What people are saying about Inemarie and the way she works:

“She makes it happen: from idea to implementation.”

“Inemarie is a valuable sparring partner with a critical view. She is solution-oriented, entrepreneurial, connecting, loyal and dedicated.”

“In a team Inemarie is responsive, complementing as well as critical.”

  • An engineer with a keen eye for opportunities and solutions

“Inemarie has naturally embedded skills to organise, communicate and facilitate ideas and projects that involve the development and growth of an organisation even from scratch.”

“When Inemarie has the responsibility over a project or process, the results go further than you imagined before”.

“Inemarie has the ability to understand the real, underlying issues and respond with an open mind.”

“Every time we discuss our social business to-be, I see new ways and opportunities.”

  • A valuable connector between people and organisations

“Inemarie is good at connecting people and organisations to achieve a win-win situation all parties profit from.”

“A cheerful connector who engages everyone.”

  • As well as people mentioned Inemarie to be:

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