Making it happen!

I love to develop projects from scratch! Combining thinking and doing.

Let me help you to develop yours, by using Human Centred Design.


Human Centred Design

In practice, Human Centred Design means going out on the streets to get to understand behaviours and needs of the people you design for.

What’s more it means: talking to experts, immersing yourself into context and getting inspiration from solutions already developed in other sectors. And then – within weeks’ time (!) – get ready for rapid prototyping of the solution’s different aspects.

What I find most valuable is that you are getting very quickly beyond your own assumptions, towards innovative real-world solutions!

What clients say

Richard Adarkwah, Soft Production Africa:“I can classify Inemarie as a great ‘engineer’. […] She is a really focused individual who has naturally embedded skills to organize, communicate and facilitate ideas and projects that involves the development and growth of an organization – even from scratch […] and she makes sure it becomes a reality.”

Barbara Feres, Plan Nederland: “[Inemarie] had a leading role in developing key materials and at the same time she managed a complex consortium with international stakeholders. Very impressive the way Inemarie dives into a new assignment and how extremely fast she is up to speed with a project team.”


World experience

To that I add work experience in: Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, the Netherlands, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.


Team work

I’ll always work together with your team, your partners and implementers and with experts.

Or are you looking for a team of freelancers? Together with freelance colleagues I can establish a team of professionals to work with you.

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