Making it happen!

“I love to develop projects, programmes or trajectories from scratch! Combining thinking and doing.”

Let me help you to develop a new idea you have, by:
  • Exploring the best pathway to social impact: i.e. Gathering user needs and exploring the best solutions to it; and Developing a Theory of Change that involves all expertise and information that is already there.
  • Developing one or more solutions together: Like a project or business plan, activities or services, training or workshops, a handbook or stories. I can write these documents for you in clear language.
  • Working on the details: i.e. Developing a map for learning while doing; and Gathering feedback from users and observations to be able to adjust towards the best solution and impact.

Richard Adarkwah, Soft Production Africa:“I can classify Inemarie as a great ‘engineer’. […] She is a really focused individual who has naturally embedded skills to organize, communicate and facilitate ideas and projects that involves the development and growth of an organization – even from scratch […] and she makes sure it becomes a reality.”

To that I add work experience in: Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, the Netherlands, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

I’ll always work together with your team, your partners and implementers and with experts.

Barbara Feres, Plan Nederland: “[Inemarie] had a leading role in developing key materials and at the same time she managed a complex consortium with international stakeholders. Very impressive the way Inemarie dives into a new assignment and how extremely fast she is up to speed with a project team.”


And together with FRIS Collective I can establish a team of professionals to work with you, like a graphic designer, editor or M&E expert.

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