Workshops & Training

I conduct workshops and training on Theory of Change, Storytelling and Gender Equality through Sports. Participants are often experts from ngos, entrepreneurs or youth.

“Inemarie conducted a 2-hour workshop in which she showed what a Theory of Change is and how we can use it in practice. We walked out of the workshop-room with a practical tool that we can use immediately.” Jorien van der Laan (Senior researcher Hogeschool van Amsterdam) at LinkedIn



Workshops & Training

Year Client Summary
2018 Crosswise Works What? Conducted a half-a-day workshop practical use of Theory of Change – in which we discussed the best strategies for supporting social entrepreneurs in developing countries.
Result: A draft organisational Theory of Change
2016 HvA What? Workshop Theory of Change – a tool to be used for project development, fundraising, M&E and communications – the practical use in day-to-day work on social change. 
2015 – 2016 ISA What? Trained community sports coaches on gender equality through sports in Egypt and Mali.
2015 KIT What? Conducted a presentation on cultural differences on the workfloor in Zimbabwe for two expats.
2014 Wilde Ganzen What? Co-conducted the workshop ‘Framing & Storytelling-Car Wash’ at the MyWorld Event for Private Initiatives.
Result: Inspired PIs to take a storytelling approach to attract people to their work. 4e Pijler will implement the concept in Belgium, because of the success of it. See blog for results.
2014 Wilde Ganzen What? Co-prepared a workshop “Reframing the Message” at the Zimbabwe Day.
2013 ICCO/Impulsis What? Conducted a workshop on “Reframing” and how to use stories from developing countries in publicity and fundraising for Private Initiatives in development cooperation at the Impulsis Media Day 2013. See blog for results.
2013 Wilde Ganzen What? Co-designed and conducted 3 conferences on “Income generation for Private Initiatives” & “Reframing the Message” in Roermond, Groningen and Rotterdam.
Result: Enthusiastic feedback on the presentation about reframing and design of the conference.
2013 Kutamba Dance What? Developed a training programme for Dutch participants, and conducted preparatory workshops for an exchange programme to Zimbabwe.
2012 WO=MEN What?  Trained migrant women organisations on fundraising and proposal writing.
Solution: Provided – amongst others – a list of possible funds
Impact: The list is still downloaded and consulted!
2009 COS Noord-Holland What? Led an interactive discussion on sharing expertise, with a focus on reciprocal development cooperation, on Afrikadag. Participants were members of Private Initiatives (PI), NGOs and municipalities.
2008/09 COS Noord-Holland What? Trained youth as a preparation on exchanges and internships in developing countries (national Xplore programme).
Result: Trained several youth groups from vocational schools and NGOs on international development cooperation; activities to promote public support for development cooperation and global citizenship, before and after their internship.
2006, 2008, 2009 Haarlem-Mutare City Link What? Planned and conducted training for 3 youth exchange programmes regarding preparatory and finalising activities (on acting locally for global impact) and coaching participants during the exchange visit.
Result: Participants were well-prepared, which showed from their ability to learn during their visit to Zimbabwe, Malawi and the Netherlands. Where culture shocks appeared we facilitated open discussion.
2008 COS Noord-Holland What? Led the first event for Millennium Development Goals Award at the Philharmonie in Haarlem, in which a group of pre-selected private initiatives (PI) could pitch their project in 3 minutes.
2007 Move Your World Business What? Conducted workshops for students in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and micro finance, together with an expert.
2007 Natuur school What? Conducted (inter)active classes on nature for primary school children, on the beach and in the dunes of Schoorl and Noordwijk.
Result: It is the belief of the nature school that if children experience nature to be important at an early age they will look at nature with a sustainable view later on in life.
Training and expertise in conducting training:

  • Blog: Trainen van Egyptische sportcoaches over meer dan gender awareness
  • Train-the-Trainer concerning training Dutch youth as a preparation for internships and exchanges in developing countries (Ans Ursem, 2008, Xplore).
  • At Move Your World Business and the Natuurschool I have been trained to conduct workshops and training effectively (2007).