Inemarie Dekker

“I wish to see a more just, fair and free world. With equal opportunities. For women, girls and migrants. In playing sports and experiencing the fun of it. In having sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). And in obtaining decent work or starting a business.”


Supporting people achieving social impact 

As a professional, I always work on projects that aim for social impact. And for ngos and social enterprises where I can add value to the team.

I believe we can make a difference by supporting people to be in charge and organise themselves according to their own wishes. Together we can come to great results!

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Being enthusiastic, dedicated and entrepreneurial

Clients and colleagues call me: enthusiastic, critical and dedicated. And also: an outstanding organiser, entrepreneurial and someone who connects people.

And I also just learned that I can call myself a ‘multipotentialite’ (see Emilie Wapnicks’ TedTalk). Someone who seems to have too many interests at first, but who actually has 3 superpowers (that sounds good, right?). Those are:
1) Creating innovation at the intersection of the different fields she works in;
2) Learning rapidly; and
3) Adapting quickly and taking on different roles when required for a certain project or team.

And all this makes me an excellent team mate working together with thematic experts!

My world experience

I have work experience in: Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, the Netherlands, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.


The logo explained

The red colour in [svika] represents my passion for my job. I work with enthusiasm and an open mind. The word svika means ‘development’ in Shona, a major language in Zimbabwe.

I am hard-working, solution-oriented and perseverant, with a strong sense of responsibility. That is why the word works is highlighted solidly in the logo. A colleague once described me as someone who prefers well-considered action to quick words.

Common responsibility means ownership in developing countries and responsibility taken in developed countries. This is of utmost importance for realising sustainable development in the long run.