Co-developing projects and programmes

It all starts with an idea.

As a freelancer on social impact I’ve developed projects and programmes for ngos, social businesses and partnerships.

Generally, co-developing a sound, logical and impactful plan takes everyone’s expertise: the users’ needs and experiences and the expertise of your team, your partners and implementers. With everyone’s input I can develop your Theory of Change. It answers questions like: Which problem do you solve? What are your best strategies for social change? And what will the social impact be?

A Theory of Change helps you to focus on the impact you want to create. Moreover, it will help you in monitoring, learning and adjusting while doing. And it makes communicating about your goals and strategies easier. It is the very start of all your following activities. I can help you with the development of one or more solutions and implementation, like storytelling and text writing; and conducting training and workshops.

“When Inemarie has the responsibility over a project or process, the results go further than you imagined before.” Ans Ursem, Fair Business at LinkedIn 

Year Client Summary
2018 La League What? Coordinated the social start-up La League: Girls’ Empowerment through Soccer with a specific focus on girls’ talent building and employment. I was leading the partnership (Plan in the Netherlands, Brazil and Nicaragua together with Women Win and Cruyff Foundation) as well as the team. Besides, I’ve developed the strategy and methodology as well as concrete activities and a plan for measuring impact during the pilot.
Result: The first reactions on the handbook I wrote: “Girls are much more motivated than before, they are more engaged and eager to learn.”
2016 Healthy Entrepreneurs What? Co-developed a framework for fundraising: a Theory of Change, an overview of references, quick scan of opportunities and frameworks for proposals.
Result: Acquisition with several funds.
2015 ISA / Rutgers What? Co-developed a Theory of Change on a training programme on Sports & SRHR.
Result: Acquisition with several funds.
2015 WPP Alliance What?  Co-developed a Theory of Change and proposal on Peace, Security and Human Rights (FLOW — MinBuZa). Result: The proposal was rejected
2015 Kinderpostzegels Alliance What?  Co-developed a Theory of Change and proposal on child marriage and SRHR (SRHR Fund — MinBuZa). Result: The proposal was approved (ca. €8 million).
2014 WageIndicator What? Co-developed proposal on capacity building African Trade Unions.
2014 ICS What? Co-developed proposal on youth employment and entrepreneurship with input from local partners in Kenya, Tanzania and Cambodia. (Strategic Partnerships —MinBuZa in cooperation with: IICD, CYFI, Aflatoun and ACPF.)
Result: The proposal met all criteria, it was rejected during the final selection.
2013/14 Diaspora Forum for Development What? Co-developed proposal on a Diaspora’s Business (SME Development) & Remittances programme. (Migration & Development fund — MinBuZa in cooperation with: Context, The Network University, local partners and several potential partners.)
Result: The proposal met all criteria, it was rejected during the final selection.
2013 IDLeaks What? Facilitated organisational strategy through Theory of Change model & co-created the communication strategy and plan.
Result: IDLeaks became more visible and a preferred partner for NGOs on Framing issues.
2013 Make Belize Films What? Co-developed proposal for the ‘Say Yes’ project: film making & training plus awareness on domestic violence. (ICCO Latin America)
2011 SPAN Consultants What? Organised a fact finding mission to Azerbaijan on planning and implementing disability standards according to EU norms: a system of assessing capabilities in disabled people and consequently support them with adequate education, work and grants). And co-developed an Expression of Interest and a Project Proposal. (World Bank in cooperation with: CIZ, Soft Tulip and local partners.)
Result: The proposal was best-rated on price and quality in the bid (around €1 million).
2010 NCDO What? Co-developed the project plan Clublinking,a national project linking sports clubs in developing countries to Dutch sports clubs for the purpose of exchanging expertise. I developed a manual for participants and conducted presentations for student and sports organisations.
Result: NCDO ended the project after 1.5 years because of lack of funding.
2007/08 CINI Holland What? Developed a communication & marketing plan, adjusted with feedback from specialists.
Result: Overview of different stakeholders in the network and a strategy on how to engage them in CINI’s activities.
Training and expertise in programme development and international development: