58 ways of finding financial resources for development projects

58 ways of finding financial resources for development projects for you (and your Dutch partner)

Last Saturday I conducted a training for migrant-women-organisations in Holland who carry out development projects in their country of origin (South-Sudan, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Occupied Palestinian Territories and more), on behalf of WO=MEN. The training was about finding financial resources (including fundraising) and proposal writing. Quite ambitious to handle all that in just 1 day!

Learning fundraising in 1 day
Before the training all participants were asked to have a project in mind for which they wanted to write a fundraising proposal.
Means of the training: share best practices within the group (some of the participants had already some good experience), work on a few assignments that give one grips for actual proposal writing, and share my expertise on the subject.
Goal of the 1-day-training: at the end of the day everyone had a framework for a proposal for her own project.

Funds and financial resources overview
One component of the framework was knowing which funds could be interesting for one’s organisation. For the participants of the training I made an overview which we discussed during the training. Since several people asked me to share it (in English), here you go: List funds and financial resources (updated may14).

Just one more remark: note that many organisations mentioned on the list are Dutch, and your Dutch partner might have easier access to them. The list is intended to find possible interesting organisations in a glance, however you still must look into the details at each organisation’s website to go through the specific criteria.

NB: I will share more tip-offs on fundraising in a blog later-on this month.



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7 Responses to “58 ways of finding financial resources for development projects”
  1. Inemarie schreef:

    NB: A small mistake in the list, which is Cordaid does not fund a 100%, but max. 50% of the project budget amount!

  2. Hello Inemarie,
    We are trying to send the to Cordaid for funding. Our organization is working with slum inhabitants and our team travels to Poland next.

  3. Inemarie schreef:

    Een medewerker van Wilde Ganzen merkt terecht op dat Wilde Ganzen normaal gesproken niet 50% van project totaal subsidieert. Dat geldt alleen voor migrantenorganisaties die nog in 2012 (voor het eerst bij WG) een aanvraag aandienen.
    Ik heb dit overzicht gemaakt voor migrantenorganisaties (tbv de training die ik gaf over fondsenwerven), dus dat geldt inderdaad niet voor andere organisaties, zij kunnen ongeveer1/3 van het projecttotaal aanvragen.

  4. Christine Onimbo schreef:

    Thank you Inemarie
    I have launched KECFADO on Pifworld. Be blessed.
    Christine Onimbo

  5. Inemarie schreef:

    Updated the list of funds and financing opportunties today toward 77 ways of finding financial resources for your projects!

    • We thank you so much for the services you are rendering to Civil Society Organizations world wide.
      Integrated Family Care Support Uganda (IFACASU) is a local NGO which has been in existence for the last 15 years implementing activities in health, education, social economic empowerment, agriculture targeting vulnerable and other marginalized groups of people in hard to reach and under served areas in Uganda.
      Having reviewed your services to fundraising for developmental projects world wide for so long, we are seeking partnership establishment with you for purposes of laying down strategies for fundraising for us in terms of scaling up activity implementation in the areas that we serve.
      Have more to discuss with you in the near future.
      Hope to hear from you soonest.

      Godfrey Mutagubya
      Executive Director IFACASU +256 702184516

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